i go to reed, i study art history, i am too personal on the internet, my life is very stressful, i have a lot of questions,

is accessibility bullshit? can spatial practices fix the bullshit that comes from the dynamics of space? why is everything about space right now? isn't that pretty neoliberal of us? does it matter? isn't sustainability bullshit? why are we still attracted to masturbatory back-patting? is there a way i could write questions on the internet without feeling or being self-aggrandizing? what the fuck is the deal with the inernet? will you engage with me?

maybe i’ll start using tumblr again

hey does anyone have recommendations for some good fashion blogs w/wearable stylez

i have all this time in my life now and have a really foreign craving to read one or a few fashion blogs

why do the birds in DC wake up at 3:30 they’ve been chirping for 30 mins idgi

awake and anxious and wanna go to bed only i don’t because anxiety with a computer is one thing and anxiety laying awake in bed is an entirely different thing that i can’t deal with

wow the amount of freaking-the-fuck-out my body is doing in reaction to my stress is very concerning

i’m just in a really shitty place where i really really really want to take care of my body more than anything else in the whole world and don’t know how to do that without it reflecting poorly on me as a student

and that like even if it doesn’t now, it just chalks up to me not having done enough in advance earlier this semester, but like i worked literally the hardest i’ve ever worked every single day this semester meaning i maintained two jobs one internship and four really fucking intense classes but i wish there was a way for me to communicate that productively to my profs without feeling like a cop-out

i guess this is why people leave reed? you start worrying about how much brain damage you’re incurring when you catch up on your sleep once every three weeks? periods are stress induced? you look dead all the time???

preparing to send my first ever contentious email to a faculty member and i feel shitty about it and am actually terrified of it but have never in three years been as livid about teaching quality as i am right now.

not to mention that literally 6/7 days this last week i have woken up hyperventilating each night because of a different nightmare about dying in terrible ways which is absolutely no fun at all and is probably exacerbated by the fact that i’m starting to become very afraid of sleep

wow my tumblr is just a depressing shithole lately

i’m just in such a weird place where everything sucks and i can’t tell if it’s always sucked this much and i’m just depressed this time or if it sucks more and is making me depressed for good reason but like holy shit i just want to go curl up and cry 85% of the time because life is so so so so so hard and terrifying

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is it bad that i get annoyed when ppl i don’t like call paul bb

i like most ppl so this isn’t that much of a problem but man there are some ppl in this world

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